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Backing up, importing and restoring databases on Android

If your Android application has a database and you want your users to be able to backup the database and restore it as they see fit, you’ll need to mess about with database files.

Below is a class called DbExportImport. Once you’ve set it up with the correct values, all you need to do is call exportDb(), importDb() or restoreDb() from your application to perform the necessary operations.

This is also useful as a temporary measure when changing your package name or key for application signing, as your application will be newly installed and you will lose your database.

I have only left in a few comments, so for any clarification, leave a comment and I’ll make it a little clearer.

Backup, import and restore database options added to Quotation Keeper

I’ve just added backup, import and restore capabilities to Quotation Keeper.

Now if you change or format your device, or even want to send your entire database to another person, you only need to back up your database to your SD card and restore again when you’re ready.

The difference between import and restore is simple:

If you import, you will add entries from the backed-up database to your existing database. If you restore, you will replace your own database with the backed-up one.